Ladies and gentlemen,

I decided to establish Nanny4you because of my great love for children. With years of experience in working with children and psychological education I am able to recognize very well children’s needs, the specifics of working with them, and the expectations of their parents. Observation of the market allowed me to understand the enormous difficulties facing parents in the search for the person to whom to entrust their greatest treasure.

Therefore the main objective of my company is to help parents to avoid unnecessary worries, problems and concerns that accompany them at the time of making this extremely difficult decision. For me personally, the most important goal is to create an institution that will increase the confidence, provide first-class professional services and care about the safety of toddlers. For nannies recommended by Nanny4you working with children is a vocation, a great pleasure and not a way to "easily" earn money. In addition, the rigorous screening process and professional psychological examination ensure that the children left with our caregivers are safe.

Karolina Fidelus

Nanny4you Agency is a project co-financed by the European Union under the Human Capital Project.

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